Dometic CoolFun CK HYBRID is just what you need: two cooling technologies, two connection options and 38 litre capacity. Powerful refrigeration by compressor through the 230V plug, thermoelectrical refrigeration through vessel's 12V battery.

This hybrid fridge uses both systems. It is a reliable freezer for deep-frozen foods, cools down drinks and mantains your food fresh during the trip. The sizes for this model are 51.7 x 45.3 x 48.8 cm.

Its features are:

  • Powerful compressor at 230VAC for fridge or freezer, thermoelectrical additional unit to use it with 12V batteries just for freezer.
  • Insulation with rubber gasket.
  • 38 litre capacity with room for 2 litre bottles.
  • Efficient portable fridge.
  • Digital display for adjusting the temperature.