Official distributors of Mastervolt on the Costa Brava. Specialists in electrical installations.


Comfort, safety and luxury are key elements in the use of marine electronic equipment. Boat builders and owners expect the onboard power to give them the same level of comfort as at home. All appliances must be as reliable as they are easy to use, be they washing machines, navigation software, multimedia systems, heating or cooling, electric stoves ... Every time a yacht or any other type of boat sets sail, both the owners as the crew they have the peace of mind of knowing that they have Mastervolt distributors to provide service and maintenance on all continents and in all major marinas.

Essentially, Mastervolt offers integrated electrical systems that generate, store, convert or manage alternating and direct current. We achieve this by using high-quality technology in digital switching, energy storage through lithium-ion batteries, and efficient, easy-to-use inverter / chargers. All these products communicate in the same language through the MasterBus platform. This ensures that everyone working with a Mastervolt system can always see the correct information about each product in the system. Whether on board, in the garage or via remote control, system analyzes are always easy to perform. This ensures a worry-free and reliable power supply system, allowing boaters to enjoy electricity on board without any worries.