The magic begins here

The team consists of not only antenna specialists and connectivity technologists but also sailing enthusiasts. They extend the vision and expertise to the maritime industry. Their ultimate goal is to build the future of maritime connectivity.

Their implacable enthusiasm matters

The implacable enthusiasm for sailing paves the way. What they are after is to bring 5G technology onboard for the global maritime market. Whenever and wherever you are sailing or cruising to, SailaWave got you covered. They ensure uninterrupted maritime connectivity for everyone from the moment when the yachts, boats and cruise ships depart from the land. Safety is guaranteed. In the same way, passengers' experience is elevated with the future of uninterrupted maritime connectivity.

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SailaDome is a dome-shaped 5G router with optimal signal reception. It connects to SailaJoint with a single ethernet cable.

SailaJoint is an all-in-one unit with SIM card injector, and PoE switch to SailaDome for Wi-Fi function.

When SailaPoint, Wi-Fi devices are connected wirelessly with SailaJoint, coverage is maximised to support all users in every corner of superyachts or ferries with multiple decks and cruise ships.