EPIRB Radio Beacon McMurdo SMARTFIND (Manual)

Manual version for boats that do not require a SOLAS beacon.


Equipment approved by the DGMM as a minimum equipment for zones 3 (NO-SOLAS) and optional equipment for any zone.


Approval No. E5 SMARTFIND 62.0030 - G5 SMARTFIND PLUS GPS 62.0031.


The new McMurdo E5 SMARTFIND and G5 SMARTFIND PLUS GPS radio beacons are the latest generation of EPIRB technology. Characteristic is the Carry Safe manual support. It allows to fix it to any bulkhead. To transport it, it is easily uncoupled from its bulkhead support without removing it from its Carry Safe support and thus transporting it without the danger of being activated even when wet. In an emergency situation we remove the pin to uncouple the beacon from both the bulkhead support and the Carry Safe and it is activated automatically by submerging it in water or manually following the instructions printed on the unit. The E5 and G5 SMARTFIND emit both 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz to operate with the international marine rescue system of COSPAS-SARSAT. Available in the standard version E5 SMARTFIND PLUS GPS EPIRB with built-in 12-channel GPS for precise localization in a matter of minutes at any point on the Earth's surface.


Built-in 12-channel GPS (only in G5 version SMARTFIND PLUS GPS)

It emits both 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz

Battery made of non-hazardous material to facilitate transportation

LED strobe light for easy location in low light conditions

Diagnostic and auto-test functions

Once activated, minimum duration of 48 hours

5 year warranty

Battery life of 5 years


Note: To comply with the requirements of the DGMM in nautical facilities, this equipment may require an Installation Certificate. We recommend that you check with the Captaincy of your port for more information and a list of approved installers.