The AIS SART PLOMO-500 device complies with the IEC 61097-14 specification. Designed to be an alternative to Radar SART, LEAD-500 can transmit GPS positions, with unique identifier, COG and SOG in every minute once activated. It allows the rescue team to locate survivors quickly through the issuance of AIS information and, in short, provides the user with a better chance to survive.


PLOMO-500 is not only an AIS SART system itself, but a complete solution in cases of survival with all the other essential accessories of an AIS SART device. The solution comes in a bag and in times of emergency, it is all that the user needs to carry on his or her back. The operation is very simple, only 4 simple steps are required.


PLOMO-500 has a backlit panel that allows users to see the buttons in extreme dark conditions. Moreover, the device is designed to indicate whether the battery life has been compromised due to excessive testing or has been previously activated. In addition, to increase the chances of survival, the LED signals "SOS" are easily distinguishable by the rescue team.