iCom IC-M35


(Clear Voice + Powerful Voice)

In marine environments there are many sources of noise that can affect the quality of your communications, such as engine noise, noise from the sea and so on. The IC-M35 constantly transmits its clear voice and provides powerful audio even in the worst circumstances ensuring your communication is sent and received as clear as possible, no matter what the background noise!


And yes, it also floats!

Continuing with the legacy of the IC-M33, the IC-M35 floats allowing it to recover in case of falling overboard. The IC-M35 floats even with the optional HM-165 micro speaker.


LOUD button

When you need momentarily "POWER" of volume, with a simple press of the button "LOUD" you will immediately obtain the maximum volume.

In addition, a sustained press of the "LOUD" button will mute the speaker.


Noise canceling microphone

The auxiliary microphone installed on the rear panel reverses the phase and eliminates ambient noise from the main microphone. As a result, the IC-M35 reduces the effects of background noise (up to 3 times) of the transmitted signal by facilitating the understanding of the message.


Automatic volume adjustment

In cases of noisy environments such as in the engine room, the auxiliary microphone detects this situation and the IC-M35 automatically increases the volume level according to the surrounding environment.


Low consumtion

Although the IC-M35 yields 6 watts of RF power and 700mW of audio, its energy-saving circuit allows virtually 8 hours *1 d of autonomy with the supplied 980mAh Lithium-Ion battery.

*1 typical operation with Tx (High): Rx: Standby = 5: 5: 90


Large buttons and slim dimensions

Thanks to easy-to-operate buttons, the IC-M35 allows for intuitive use. Its low waist and slim chassis facilitate its use and transport, and is surprisingly compact for a floating radio.


Other features

  • Waterproof construction equivalent to IPX7 (1m 30 min.)
  • Dual / Triple listening function
  • 4-level battery indicator
  • Auto tracking function
  • Instant access keys to CH16 or programmable call channel





  • Frequency range:
    • Tx 156,000–161,450MHz
    • Rx 156,000–163,425MHz
  • Channels usable: INT channels;
    • 70 programable channels
  • Type of emission: 16K0G3E (FM)
  • Consumption(a 7,4V CC):
    • Tx Output 6W 1,5A typical
    • Output 5W 1,3A typical
    • Rx Máx. audio
    • Internal speaker 300mA typical
    • Output speaker 200mA typical
    • Savings 10mA typical
  • Operating temperature: –15°C a +55°C
  • Antenna Impedance: 50Ω (STUD)
  • Dimensions (W×H×D): 62×139,5×43 mm (projections not included)
  • Weight (aprox.):295g (with BP-252, MB-109 and antenna)



  • Output power (High/low): 6/1W
    • 2/1W (with alkaline batteries)
  • Maximum frequency desviation: ± 5,0kHz
  • Frequency error: ± 1,5kHz
  • Spurious emissions: 0,25μW
  • Adjacent channel power: 70dB
  • Audio harmonic distortion: Less than 10% (at 60% desv.)
  • Residual modulation: 40dB



  • Sensibility (20dB SINAD): –2dBμ emf typical
  • Squelch Sensibility: –6dBμ emf typical (the threshold)
  • Selectivity Adjacent Ch.: 70dB
  • Spurious response: 70dB
  • Intermodulation rejection: 68dB
  • Buzz and noise: 40dB
  • Audio output power (at 10% distortion):
    • Internal speaker 700mW typical (with16Ω load)
    • External speaker 200mW (with 8Ω load)
iCom IC-M35

iCom IC-M35