Raymarine Ray70

Ray70 multifunction radio system: VHF, AIS, megaphone output, intercom

You can hear, be heard and be seen! Raymarine's new Ray70 radio is the ultimate integrated communication solution for captains who just want the best. The multi-function VHF Ray70 comes standard with a full-featured radio, AIS receiver and megaphone output; and also has double station and intercom.


Main features

  • Built-in AIS receiver and 72-channel WAAS GPS
  • 25-Watt Megaphone Output with Return Listening and Automatic Fog Signals
  • Dual station and intercom control with optional handset accessory
  • Large LCD display for better viewing
  • Removable handheld microphone with built-in controls and microphone relocation function
  • Removable silver-bronze bezel or optional black bezel


Comprehensive and high performance communications solutions

To begin with, the Ray70 model features a powerful 25W VHF radio with a removable handheld microphone with high quality noise canceling and audio technology. Standard VHF features include high / low power selection, dual listening, triple listening, NOAA weather alert, channel scan, and much more. The Ray70 also supports class D digital selective calling and has seamless integration with Raymarine multifunction displays thanks to its standard NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 networks.


Built-in GPS

The Ray70 also incorporates a 72-channel GPS receiver that ensures that you always have a fixed position for emergency calls.


Integrated AIS

The AIS receiver (Automatic Identification System) with integrated Ray70 radios simplifies installation and provides critical information on boat traffic in compatible navigation displays.


Integrated megaphone

For communications over the deck or noisy environments, the Ray70 also features a 25-watt megaphone output with back-up listening. This facilitates interaction with the crew on deck, on the quay or nearby craft. Simply connect the Ray70 model to the optional Raymarine fog fog siren. In adverse weather conditions, you can use the Ray70's megaphone to generate anti-fog signals for moving or anchored vessels as required by nautical traffic regulations.


Flexible mounting options

The Ray70 radio comes with a mounting bracket kit and can also be recessed with its convenient front mounting brackets. The silver-bronze bezel matches the latest Raymarine multifunction displays for a premium look. There is also a black bevel kit available as an option.


Optional second station kit

The VHF Ray70 radio is also compatible with the optional second station handset for remote locations. This offers you a full-featured VHF radio and an intercom from a second on-board location.

The handset has a large LCD display as well as high contrast text and graphics, which are visible both day and night.

In addition to offering full access to all VHF functions, you'll also enjoy the convenience of station-to-station intercom calls between the handset and the main radio.