Raymarine Ray 260E

Ray260E is Raymarine's new VHF radio, designed to complement and enhance the latest generation of multi-function displays and instruments. This VHF radio includes all the features of state-of-the-art VHF radios with a compact and modular design that perfectly matches both small and large boats.


Ray260E has a 25-watt full-featured DS-class selective-calling (DSC) function and a megaphone with speaker and fog horn plus multistation internal intercom. It can support up to three remote stations.


Ergonomic Handset for Ray260

Ray260E includes the base station, DSC microphone, speaker and cable 10 meters long.


Earphone with ergonomic design

The headset is designed to fit perfectly on the hand. It has a monochrome backlit LCD screen with three buttons with function assignment per screen. It also includes a cursor for the volume and others for direct selection. It also has four external function keys, one dedicated to the so-called DSC.


Compatct design transceiver and powerful speaker

The VHF radio transceiver stands out for its compact design, it hardly takes up space and can be installed both inside the boat and in the cockpit chest, with IPX7 protection. It allows to connect up to three control units, providing great flexibility in the installation.


Remote speaker for Ray260

On the other hand, its powerful, remote-mounted loudspeaker with adjustable volume control ensures that you hear everything loud and clear. Ray260E can support two additional speakers / headphones.


Message Recording

There are several special features including the Raymarine VHF Ray260E radio that make it a unique device. The first one is the possibility of recording messages and digital voice mail. This feature allows you to pre-record a voice message of up to 15 seconds and automatically sends it to another DSC-equipped vessel. This function can also be used to record incoming voice messages or alerts of up to 90 seconds duration.


Position tracking

Position tracking is a convenient feature that includes the Ray260E, allows simultaneous receiving position reports of up to 5 boats equipped with DSC. With this option the signal of the boats is visualized, through the cable Seatalkgk ng, in the multifunctional screens of Raymarine.

It has an output where you can optionally connect an external speaker up to 30 watts. The Ray260E integrates easily with other on-board electronics thanks to NMEA2000 and NMEA0183.


Optional AIS Class B reception

Ray260E has an optional Class A AIS receiver with a dual channel that allows you to see the signal from other AIS users within range of the boat when connecting to a compatible multifunction display, radar, plotter or instrument.


Ray260 Pack contents

  • Base Station Ray260
  • Ray260 Handset
  • Passive speaker with speaker calbe (1,5 meters)
  • Speaker Board
  • 4 screws for mounting the base station
  • 2 screws for mounting the handset
  • SeaTalkng Terminator
  • 2 x Handset Terminators
  • Extension kit for the handset: Extension cable of 10 meters with sealed cover gasket and mounting elements.
  • 4 bolts and nuts for speaker mounting.
  • Handset mounting clip
  • Documentation pack
  • Power and data cable, 1 meter