We assist to the Victron Energy and Poynting Tech's courses

The past november, our technicians attended the formations of two highlighted brands from the maritime sector, Victron Energy and Poynting Tech.

Thanks to the latest news about services and products of both, the possibility of getting a better electrical installation from one already done or wanting to implant a new one right from the start, thanks to Victron Energy's products the energy control of our vessels it turns out to be easier and with the possibility to adapt it to any kind of space or chamber.

With the comunication and web products offered by Poynting Tech, 4G/5G connection won't be a problem anymore when we find ourselves sailing at any time of the day. Thanks to their different Router and antennae, we will be able to find the best option for us with any complication, being able to adapt it to the type of sailing every client has.