The Tron AIS-SART is now "Wheel Marked” in accordance with European Council Directive 96/98/EC with latest Commission Directive 2011/75/EU (7th amendment).


Radar SART and the AIS-SART can now both be used as “Search and rescue locating devices” according to IMO SOLAS Amendment in Resolution MSC.256(84) giving the ship owner full freedom to choose either product as required by SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 2.2.


Proved performance:

  • Up to 10 nm from a SOLAS ship with AIS class A transponder
  • Up to 40 nm from a SAR helicopter (altitude 1000 ft)
  • Up to 130 nm from a SAR aircraft (altitude 20000 ft)


  • Unique AIS technology contribute to a more effective and less time consuming SAR operation, due to superior position accuracy
  • The AIS-SART is detected on both AIS Class A and B and AIS Receivers
  • Small and compact
  • Jotron Tron AIS-SART use the same acessories as the Tron SART20 Bulkhead bracket, pole, life-boat bracket and neoprene protection bag)


  • Tron AIS-SART gives the exact location, with GPS precision
  • Position update - every minute
  • 5 years warranty


Analog and digital displays for wind data


Display de instrumentación i60 | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR


  NUEVO instrumento multifunción i70s | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR  


Instrumentation Display i60


NEW Instrumentation Display i70s



Broadband 4G ™ radar improves your situational awareness, thanks to its clear view of radar targets, from the bow of the boat to a distance of 36 nautical miles. Its low energy consumption, its zero radiation hazard and its compact dome without moving parts make this radar system ideal for boats of any size.

LCD SCREEN SIZES: 7.0" | 9.0" | 12.1"


The new i70s multifunction instrument is full of advanced features but it's still extraordinarily easy to use. The selection of data source at the choice of the user allows easy integration into multisensor networks.

Tipus de display: Digital

Tamamy del instrument: 110mm x 115mm (4.33"x4.52")


Simrad's IS35 and IS42 displays have a modern, built-in Glass Helm design that will complement your rudder. These units, which show vital information on screens of great brightness and sharpness, are easy to use and even easier to install, with connections in accordance with the standard standard of the NMEA 2000® sector. In addition, the IS35 and IS42 have a minimum energy consumption, to conserve the load of the batteries of the boat.
Elegant appearance and reduced energy consumption