Radar Broadband 4G™

Radar HALO 24

Radar Halo™

Broadband 4G™ Radar improves your situational awareness with its clear view of radar targets from the bow of the vessel up to 36 nautical miles away. Its low power consumption, zero radiation hazard and compact dome with no moving parts makes this radar system ideal for vessel of any size.

LCD SCREEN SIZES: 7.0" | 9.0" | 12.1"



HALO24 offers a near real-time view and for the first time close range 60rpm operation for the ultimate in collision avoidance, revolutionizing the world of radar. This radar identifies hazards in an instant thanks to VelocityTrack™ doppler technology and offers simultaneous short and long-range coverage, up to 48 nautical miles, built into a compact 61 cm (24 in) dome antenna.



Halo™ radar offers an unprecendented combination of long and hosrt detection ranges, with highly accurate target definition and minimal interference. Its fas startup and maximum reliability in the ocean ensure you have coverage whenever you need it, while its low-power pulse transmissions make Halo radar safe to use, even in anchorage areas and marinas.