Radar Broadband 4G™

Radar HALO 24

Radar Halo™

The Cyclone radar offers superior object separation and wide range resolution thanks to Raymarine's CHIRP pulse compression and beam enhancement technologies. Each model features innovative sensing capabilities including Cyclone's Bird Mode, RangeFusion technology, and high-speed 60rpm imaging.

RADAR SIZES: 91 cm| 122 cm | 182 cm



High performance Magnum open array radars bring unmatched wide range performance and small target radar imaging to Raymarine multifunction navigation displays. Using many of the same radar technologies the US Coast Guard relies on, Magnum offers enhanced object tracking and reliable performance.



FLIR's Raymarine Quantum Radar is the next generation of maritime radar and features CHIRP pulse compression technology.

Quantum sets a new standard for compact solid-state radars and provides superior radar imaging, both long and extremely short range. Built-in Wi-Fi and slimline wiring simplify installation. In addition, Quantum's lightweight and energy efficient design provides safe radiated emissions and greatly reduces power consumption.